#Life Is Cheap For The March For Life Attendees

On January 21, the 49th annual march on Washington, DC for “Life” took place.  This march is to oppose the practice and legality of abortion and has taken place every year since Roe v Wade became the law of the land in 1973.  Attendees believe they are affirming “life” and its importance.

But, life is cheap for these attendees.  Take a look at this picture of the march, courtesy of Getty.  How many of these people marching for “life” are wearing masks and/or are standing 6ft a part? Very few.  And, I bet very few are vaccinated. Being unvaccinated and unmasked means these people are spreading COVID, even outdoors. They are spreading sickness and death.  And, they are UNFAZED.

This group is so concerned that some woman they don’t know may end her pregnancy but are unfazed they could make ill or kill one, two or three people or more who they know or who are marching for “life” with them.  They could be spreading COVIDS to hundred or even thousands, as we know from reports on how COVID, especially the more contagious Omicron variant, can spread. Remember the Sturgis motorcycle rally in early August 2020 that contributed to more than 200,000 COVID cases all over the country?

Unmasked and unvaccinated they could be hurting people close to them at the rally or back home and they could be hurting the citizens of Washington, DC. Luckily, Washington, DC requires proof of vaccination before entering restaurants so these people whose actions show their belief that life is cheap won’t blithely hurt or kill people in Washington, DC.

The next time someone wants to tell you all about how “pro-life” they are.  Tell them unless they have proof of vaccination and are wearing a mask around people whose vaccination status is unknown, they have no credibility about being pro-life.

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