Lupita Says “Me Too”

Just a few days ago, Lupita Nyong’o joined a growing number of women who have stepped up and accused Harvey Weinstein, the famous film producer and executive,  of sexual assault.  Lupita, one of the few dark-skinned Black women who enjoys a successful career in Hollywood, wrote her detailed and intimate confession in a October 19 New York Times Op-Ed.

Over 50 women have accused Weinstein of sexual misconduct. Lupita appears to be the first Black woman to do so. Did Harvey make a grab for chocolate only once or are there other Black women suffering silently?

Since the accusations against Harvey began, other women are coming out telling their stories of sexual assault via social media under #MeToo. Suzyknew! has mixed feelings about the #MeToo movement but we support honesty and transparency and we support women in telling their stories.

We’re supporting Lupita and we’re also support Frederica Wilson. Stay tuned for more on the latter in SuzyKnew!’s  next piece.

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One response on “Lupita Says “Me Too”

  1. Marquita Carter

    Excellent article. I read it last week. It’s interesting that Lupita is the only accuser that Weinstein came after and challenged her account. Hmmmm!