Melania Vs. Mira: The Battle Of The Baltic Vixens Behind The White House Curtain

No, Mira Ricardel, the Deputy National Security Advisor, Melania just threw out the door is not Latinx or of Italian descent.

The woman’s family is from Croatia.  And, of course, Ms. Melania is from Slovenia. Melania grew up in the former Yugoslavia, where Croats, Slovenians, and Serbs duked it out with other ethnic groups which eventually led to the unravelling of the country less than 100 years after it was created. Generally speaking, Slovenians think very highly of themselves.

Ladies, let’s be honest. We know there’s a backstory behind why Melania, who has almost zero opinions on what’s happening in the White House, insisted on Mira’s ouster. SuzyKnew! has a few speculations about what happened. Such musings have appeared only sparsely on the net. The iron curtain may have been pulled back and the Yugoslav Wars may be over, but battles linked to ethnicity and jealousy continue to rage behind the White House curtain.

People say things between the two Eastern European women went sour during Melania’s trip to Africa.  White House officials say there were problems with seating arrangements on the flight and Mira has “a strong personality.”  Ladies, we know what that means. It’s code for Mira tried to put Melania in her place and Melania wasn’t having it.  We imagine a conversation something like this went down:

“Excuse me, Mrs. Trump, I will be sitting here next to the President on the flight to brief him on security matters. And, by the way, that pith hat you’re wearing is inappropriate. People may be insulted and this could jeopardize our fragile security position in Africa.” 

“What?! Inappropriate?! What does a Croatian peasant like you know? How could you, a Babushka, recognize what is appropriate? And, I, as the First Lady, will sit next to my husband, The President. A very powerful man. We have to discuss our strategy on how to make  Africans understand who’s boss in U.S.-African relationships. My dress and hat signal our strategy. Of course, someone like me – still young with a lovely shape – can be successful in dressing the part. When I reach your age, but of course, I’ll keep my shape…”

“With all due respect, Mrs. Trump, I have been brought here to advise on critical national security issues. I have studied and obtained degrees from top U.S. universities – Georgetown and Tufts – famous for their international security programs. My intellect  – not my looks – is why I am on this trip and need to sit next to the President.”  

“Stop! Mira – we both know people reward us for our blond Eastern European looks!  Your looks helped you just mine have helped me. So, don’t come here and try to pretend you’re better than me because you got some university degree while I opted to be a model – a very successful one, of course!  Plus, I know you probably had to use your looks on a professor or two… YOU’RE FIRED!”

We can agree: Ms. Ricardel is a nice-looking lady And, Melania has had more than her fair share of public drama around women trying to take her man.

So, if Melania didn’t fire Mira as the result of a Baltic War flare up, she may have felt threated by Mira as a woman. Whoopi on ABC’s “The View” and a few of her co-hosts accused Melania of being jealous of Mira. Definitely a possibility. There’s a lot of drama behind the White House curtain.

Regardless. Melania may rebuff the traditional role of FLOTUS. But, SuzyKnew! believes still clings to the iconic role of standing by her man – and country, Slovenia.

Photo credits: Daily News and Fox News