Menstrual Hygiene Day – FEMLY – A Black Woman’s Feminine Care Product

Hey Ladies – guess what we’re celebrating on May 28th?  Menstrual Hygiene Day.

I know. You’re thinking this is one of those international awareness days that more organizations are talking about than people you know are talking about.  True. This could be true.

But, we do want to take the opportunity of Menstrual Hygiene Day to shine a light on Arion Long, the CEO of FEMLY,  a company making natural, organic feminine hygiene products.   FEMLY pads, cups and products are directed at Black women and women of color. Women of color are less likely to use tampons than white women and FEMLY makes sure their pure cotton pads and other menstrual care products address our concerns, taboos and needs.

Arion was diagnosed with a cervical tumor in her 20’s that was caused in part by the feminine care products she was using. She also knew so many other Black women suffering from reproductive health problems such as fibroids, heavy periods and more.

Hear Arion’s story and more about the FEMLY product here.


Want to know more about National Menstrual Awareness Day?  Here you go: