My “Text” Life With the Gabonese Pilot

Okay. So, Valentine’s Day has come and gone. And so has International Women’s Day. And guess what: my Gabonese pilot – the one who chased me down Valentine’s Day morning for a date – is still around! Even after I told him I didn’t “do” married men. He texts me all the time now. And I respond! He wants to know if I’ll be around in Malabo, or perhaps in Paris, or somewhere else in West Africa. He wants my picture. And I like it. I’m comfortable with the whole arrangement. It made me wonder if I’m like one of the women the Your Tango article mentioned in Why Do Women Cheat.

The author found that many women satisfy their deep longing for passion with minimum risk by going online. Is this me…? What about a “real-life” man, or have I organized my life so that I can get my needs met in other ways…? Food for thought.