Sexual Assault Survivor’s Testimony Occurs The Day Before World Safe Abortion Day

How ironic that tomorrow is World Safe Abortion Day, and today Dr. Christine Blasey Ford  testified before the U.S. Senate Judiciary  Hearing Committee that Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh attempted to rape her and almost killed her while they were in high school together.

If Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination is confirmed, there is a good chance he could play a deciding role in rolling back an American woman’s constitutional right to chose to have an abortion. Ford testified that Brett Kavanaugh ruined her life.  If confirmed, Kavanaugh could ruin your life and mine or people close to us. Rape victims (and obviously other women) could no longer have a safe and legal abortion. Think about it. Unsafe abortion could return to the U.S. further threatening our reproductive health and lives, which are already fragile.

Yesterday, a poll indicated six out of 10 people said they planned on watching the hearing. Indeed, everyone was glued to the hearing today.


To hear Dr. Blasey Ford’s description of the assault, click below.