SIZZLE WITH SOPHIA: That Good Ol’ “Act Right”

My day was horrible, starting early with a boring business meeting full of boring presentations by boring, old men.  Even worse, I was wearing the under garments from Hell!  Two hours in and my Spanx failed and the underwire of my favorite bra escaped and stabbed me relentlessly in my armpit.

Thankfully, I had time between appointments to run home and change, but after 4 hours of undergarment Hell in a freezing room full of boring old men, my mood was set for the day on “Bitchy”.

Running home to change meant that I’d have to skip lunch because of course, my fridge is empty.  Bae called to check in, but I wasn’t feeling him.  All I wanted was sweatpants and a burger, but I still had appointments.  A girl’s gotta hustle, right?

Still hungry and barely civil, I walked out of my third appointment to a flat tire.  Ugh!  Food would have to wait until Triple A worked their magic.  Only now, compounded by hunger, impatience and the oh-so-timely onset of the dreaded pre-period cramps, I was in Full Blown Bitch Mode (FBBM).

Y’all know what I’m talking about, don’t you?  You may call it something else, but we’ve all been in FBBM: that point where your mood is so dark and dangerous you swear if one more fool even LOOKS at you wrong, you may end up in jail.

So by the time I got to Bae’s for dinner, I had reached the highest level of Full Blown Bitch Mode: angry, hungry, crampy and tired.  I felt bloated and ugly.  And I was mourning the loss of my favorite bra.  Because let’s face it, once that underwire pokes through, there’s really no going back.

Anyway, Bae let my evil ass in, not really knowing just how far into FBBM I was.  Had he known, he might not have opened the door (I have a key, but still like to knock when he’s home).  His house smelled like he’d been cooking for hours, and my stomach grumbled with anticipation.

The food would have to wait, though.  Less than two minutes after my arrival, Royce* could tell something was wrong.  I don’t know if it was my scowling face, the snarky way I barely responded to his kiss, or the fact that I’d started whining about my day, but he knew.

Now some men in Bae’s situation would do one of two things:

  1. Shut up, feed me quickly and pray that a good meal would chill me out; or
  2. Take my bitchy bait and let the evening devolve into a huge, unnecessary fight.

Royce chose a third option: That Good Ol’ “Act Right”.  For those of you not acquainted with this Miracle Cure for All Things Bitchy, keep reading.

We were standing in his living room and I was mid-rant.  All of a sudden, Royce yanked me into his arms and shut me up with a hard kiss.  He roughly grabbed my ass and squeezed.  I was instantly wet.

When he ended the kiss and I leaned in for more, he shook his head.  “Uh-uh,” his voice was low and raspy.  “That’s not where you need to be kissed.”

Before I could even blink, he had my jeans unzipped and at my ankles.  I braced myself on his shoulders as he knelt down and helped me step out of my shoes, jeans and panties.  Then still kneeling, he pushed me roughly onto his plush sofa and pulled my legs onto his shoulders.

This is where you need to be kissed.”

I started to speak as he lowered his head, but the look in his eyes made me stop.  He said, “I don’t want to hear you say shit else until you’re begging me to let you cum.”

From the first lick of his magnificent tongue, I was putty in his hands.  Y’all already know my Royce can lick some pussy.  I’ve written about it before: how he takes his time and reads my responses … he’s the Real MVP when it comes to giving head.

Maybe it was the tension of the day or Bae’s complete mastery of my clitoris, but it wasn’t long before I felt that sweet build-up of pressure.  I needed to cum, and knowing how good Royce can lick pussy, I just knew my bliss was near.

I was wrong.

Royce wasn’t playing when he said he wanted me to beg for release.  Dude played my body like a fiddle, taking me to the brink and then pulling back before I could get there.  He kept licking me to a frenzy and then would stop, leaving me panting at the edge.  He kept this up until I actually begged him to let me cum.

But he wasn’t ready, though.  Instead of ending my torture, he stood up, flipped me over and slammed his thick dick into me from behind so fast my head spun.  And then he started slapping my ass just hard enough to give me that sweet little sting that I love so much.

“I’mma let you cum, Baby,” he assured thrusting harder.  My face was practically buried in the sofa cushions and I could barely breathe.  But his dick felt so good and was going so deep, I didn’t even care.

He continued his barrage of smacks and dirty talk.  “But you can’t cum just yet, Sophia.  Unh-uh.  You need to take this dick and wait.  Wait for me to tell you when to cum!”

Then he grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled.  The force made me arch my back, letting him go even deeper.  My arousal spiked and once again, I was at the brink.

But Bae still didn’t let me cum.  Without any warning, he pulled out and backed away from me.  When I turned to look, he was watching me, stroking himself hard.  He smacked my ass again before pulling me to my feet.  My legs were like jelly.

“It’s time for you to take a ride on your dick”, he said, sitting down.  Then he pulled me onto his lap and onto that glorious cock of his.  Ladies, y’all know there ain’t nothing that feels quite as good as when you first climb onto your man’s hard, throbbing dick!

Relieved, I started bouncing and grinding my way to glory.  Only once again, Royce took control.  “Don’t cum until I tell you to,” he moaned.  I kept going, though … bouncing and rocking even harder.

As good as his dick was, my nipples felt neglected.  So I and pulled one out for him to suck.  But he only gave me a few little licks and stopped.

“Please,” I begged.  “Suck it so I can cum!”

“Nope,” he panted.  “I wanna watch it bounce.”

Watching my one nipple bob and weave so close to his tempting mouth was more erotic than I could stand.  I felt sexy and wanton.  I felt dirty and naughty.  A huge orgasm was building and I was powerless to stop it.

Bae knew it, too.  Just as the first waves hit, he finally said those magic words: “Cum, Sophia.”  Then he took my nipple into his mouth, gave me two more hard slaps on my ass, and that was it.  I was cumming, screaming and crying.

Yes, crying.  I came so hard, real tears rolled down my face.  All my nerve endings tingled with electricity.  Relief was blissful.

Bae got off right after I did.

“Sorry I was so bitchy before,” I said, kissing his face gently.  I was still on his lap and he was still inside me.

“I know.” He kissed my still-exposed nipple.  As he gave my ass one final slap, he continued.  “You just needed you some of that good ol’ Act Right, that’s all.  You good now?”

I nodded.  “Oh, I’m real good!”

“Then let’s go eat!”

Dinner was great that night.  And so was my attitude.

*Royce is an alias, of course.  Gotta keep Bae’s government name a secret for his own protection!