SuzyKnew! Marches For Science

Yes, Ladies! SuzyKnew! fought the rain and cold to march for science in Washington, DC. By our estimate there were at least 250,000 people marching. I’d say women and girls made up around 40% of the crowd. There weren’t too many women of color out there, but we were there.  (Don’t let anyone tell you differently.)


Women’s health – especially Black women’s health – depends on good science.  We are very affected by reproductive health issues.  We are more likely to get uterine cancers, our breast cancer is often more severe than breast cancers of White women. and HIV is reaching us faster than other people.  We need to demand treatments that are designed and clinically tested for women of color.

Ladies, good and appropriately applied science is the ticket for our health.

Keep it healthy!

Keep it sexy!