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SuzyKnew! Finds High Prices For ‘The Morning After Pill’ And Few Blacks In Zurich

SuzyKnew! continues travelling all around the world to see where lovely ladies of color can find emergency contraception also known as ‘The Morning After Pill.’

We’re here at our 4th pharmacy in Zurich, Switzerland located at the train station.  Admittedly, Zurich is not home to bastions of women of color. Wikipedia says in 2013 there were only 84,000 permanent African residents in Switzerland which has a population of around 8 million. Nonetheless, you may find yourself there en route to another country or stopping by to visit a friend as I was. So, it’s good to know.

The Swiss don’t play when it comes to health. When I asked about emergency contraception, the pharmacy lady told me I had to buy the $55 Norlevo and take it right in front of her. She wanted the drug to work. Really? Does she make the white ladies do this, too? We all know Oprah had a hard time here…  But, the pharmacy lady was nice about it – and also seemed real concerned.

For EllaOne, the emergency contraceptive that can be taken up to 5 days of unprotected sex and works better for ladies with a lot of curves, a prescription was required. So,  SuzyKnew! didn’t get the pricing details for this drug – but lots of information on EC.

Compared to the $6 – $7 price of Norlevo in Paris, Zurich is expensive.  Also, the Zurich train station pharmacy only had brand name EC drugs . No generics like in Hyattsville and Lagos. So, plan your encounters carefully in Europe.

See you at the next pharmacy!

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