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Dr. Drai: Sizing Up Your Man’s Parts

How big does a man’s rod have to be – to be big enough?! How big is too big? What about if you’re pregnant? Can your man’s Johnson do damage to the baby?

We all want – and need – sexual pleasure.  For many of us, this means having a gentleman who is big enough – or moves it well enough – to satisfy us. But, how big is too big?

What if it hurts?!  Or worse yet, what if you start to bleed?

SuzyKnew! addresses this issue in What If He’s Just Too Big?! and Dr. Drai keeps the conversation going by giving us his professional obgyn opinion on a man’s size and when it’s time to take out a ruler!



Dr. Draion M Burch, DO (Dr. Drai) is among the country’s most well-known and respected obygn physicians and surgeons. He travels throughout the US lecturing on insights and strategies for improving women’s health. He is also a respected expert, visionary and leading thinker in the area of transgender health. Dr Drai has been published in leading medical journals and is frequently called upon by local and national media to give a fresh perspective and new information on women’s health trends.

What If He’s Just TOO Big?

Too big

Over the years, I’ve had friends complain about men who were not well-endowed enough to satisfy them.  Many women don’t mind telling you they need a big dick (or a BD, as I like to say) to get it on.  I mean who hasn’t participated in a lively female group discussion about the problems with small male genitalia and how he just can’t bust you out with his little worm?

But, what about the woman who finds that her man’s BD is simply TOO big? Often, she’ll whisper this problem in a serious tone and hushed voice, afraid of being judged. Few women are comfortable telling you they can’t seem to take all of their man inside them. They may feel this makes them less of a woman or that they should be enjoying what every woman supposedly dreams of.  So, as a result, there aren’t many exciting articles on the topic, offering good tips.

Lucky for us, today’s EmandLo,  a popular website run by two lady sexperts, provides good pointers on how to deal with a man who may just bust you out with his super sperm. Of course “lube it up” is the first tip. But, click here to get more info on how to turn your painful love session into a pleasurable one.