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Clips And Pics From The Women’s March On Washington Including Aggression By Trump Supporters

Ladies (and Gents!), did we show unity at the Women’s Marches all around the world – or did we show some unity?!

For those of you who had the good fortune to attend the Women’s March on Washington or one of the 673 sister marches held in the U.S. and around the world, congratulations! You made history, and we are geared up for the resistance and fight for women’s reproductive health rights – as well as democracy and civil rights. For everyone else (as well those who attended the marches), here are some short video clips and pictures capturing the day.

It all started full on at 8:30 am with a big crowd. SuzyKnew! was less than a block away from the stage at 3rd and Independence, SW with little room to move.

Many signs were about protecting and advancing women’s reproductive health and choice – keeping tiny hands off of women’s lady parts. 

However there were many signs were about democracy, Russia’s interference into the 2016 elections, and many concerns about Trump’s many lies.

Throughout the day there was music and positive sisterhood – and “humankind”hood.

These protestors on stilts dance to “Push It!

As protestors passed by Trump Hotel, many paid their respects.

All and all, it was an  uplifting and invigorating day. The only downside was when passing Trump supporters aggressively snatched our SuzyKnew! poster from us.  No worries. Your lady SuzyKnew! went back and grabbed back our SuzyKnew! poster.

March on, ladies!  And, keep it about unity.

Join SuzyKnew! At The Women’s March On Washington,January 21

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day! Yes, today is the actual birthday of Martin Luther King Jr. To honor King’s memory and fight for reproductive health and women’s rights, join SuzyKnew! at the upcoming Women’s March on Washington, DC. The march will take place this coming Saturday, January 21 in Washington, DC.

The Women’s March on Washington is expected to be one of biggest protests in U.S. history. Click here to register for the March and receive updates. There will be sister marches all over the country. What’s the goal of the march? Click here for about the different women’s and civil rights groups that have come together to organize the march and their mission and values.

We’re not wearing pink pussyhats. But, we will be carrying signs. Friday, January 20 (Inauguration day) we will make signs. Email SuzyKnew@suzyknew.com if you would like a sign made for you.

We’ll meet at third and Independence, SW at 9 am, one hour before the march starts. We’ll also get together later in evening at 8 pm at Hyattsville, MD Busboys and Poets.