The Marathon Sex Session: SIZZLE WITH SOPHIA

I know I joke a lot about my several “boyfriends”.  Even though I don’t sleep with all of them, I enjoy an active dating life!  However, I’m always safe and always honest.  That doesn’t mean I don’t value committed, monogamous relationships, though.  On the contrary, I believe that making love in a committed relationship is one of the most beautiful things in the world!  I may be single now, but I remember what it was like to be deeply in love.

One of my longest relationships was with Julian**.  Sadly, our relationship ended (my fault, not his).  But when it was good, it was very, very good!  When things were at their best between us, our souls seemed to be cosmically connected.  We were so in synch it was like we breathed for each other!

I know it sounds crazy now, especially since we’re no longer together.  But back then, we were a perfect fit, as if we were made to be together.  And I believe the sex was so good between us because of that deep connection.

Just today, I was thinking about this one night with Julian which I would later refer to as “The Marathon”.  Actually, it was the first of many such nights.  But I remember this one clearly.  It started out as an innocent goodnight kiss that quickly turned into one of the most intense nights of my life.

Here’s what happened:

Julian wrapped himself around me from behind, and I could feel him harden as he pressed into me.  Before long, I turned around and pulled him into my mouth, taking in every essence of him.  I always loved having Julian in my mouth … I loved his taste, the way his skin felt on my tongue, everything!

As I kissed, licked and sucked him, he began to caress my whole body. As much as I loved sucking him, Julian he loved my ass.  Obsessed, he could never quite get enough of it!  After rubbing it, spanking it, and inserting as many fingers as I could stand, he grabbed me and politely, but firmly sat me on his face.   In this Sixty-Nine position, Julian began to lick me as only he could from one end to the other.  I still had him in my mouth, and we stayed this way long enough for me to cum twice.  I trembled as I brought his face deeper and deeper into me.

When he rolled me over to mount me from behind, I remember begging him to take it.  Then just like that, with his fingers in my wet spot, he took me anally.  It hurt so good as I rode that wave where pleasure meets pain!  We moved together as I took him deeper and deeper. It was amazing!  He fit me like a glove and I loved when he put me on!

This is where things got wild because we didn’t stop after that explosive orgasm.  We began an erotic cycle that continued for hours. He’d pull out to watch me suck him again while he stimulated me with his fingers.  Then he’d pull me right back onto his face and lick and suck me like a starving man, going from back to front and back, again.

Meanwhile, I licked every inch of him and let him cum down my throat.  Then he mounted me again, somehow maneuvering magically between his two favorite places, using his fingers to please the alternate spot simultaneously.  I was dizzy with pleasure, never wanting it to end!

At one point, I remember begging Julian to control me, take me and use me for his every pleasure!  He happily obliged, but never stopped stimulating me.  I don’t remember a part of my body that didn’t feel his tongue, his caress.  The man simply pleasured me to tears!

We went on like this for hours.  I remember my alarm clock going off at 6 am, realizing that we’d been at it all night!  We honestly tried to stop so that I could get ready for work, but we just couldn’t.  Covered from head to toe in each other’s juices, we kept at it, doing it again and again.  We only stopped for bathroom breaks.

As he pulled me onto his face again, I noticed the time.  Now it was 7:30, and I still couldn’t stop.  I completely lost control and rubbed against his face and tongue with the speed of a race horse.  The faster I moved, the harder he grabbed and the deeper his tongue went.  Once again, I cried it was so good.

We finally ended the way we began, with Julian spooning me from behind.  This time, as he gently slid into me, we knew this would have to be the last time.  We both had to go to work, though he went in later than me.  We gently rocked in unison, slowly building towards what was sure to be another big finish.  I was so aroused that every single nerve ending seemed to be exposed.  Even feeling his warm breath on the back of my neck drove me closer to paradise.  With him lodged deep inside me and with his fingers stroking me, I fell first.  I quivered as he continued to thrust faster and faster, until finally he came, too.

I was an hour and half late for work that day, but didn’t care.  I’d experienced one of those rare nights of magic eroticism that changed me forever.  Julian and I did more than make love that night, we truly became one.

Julian’s married to someone else now, and seems quite happy.  I’ll bet he remembers that night, though.  I know I always will.  “The Marathon” was quite unforgettable.

*W.W.A. inspired and contributed heavily to this story.  Gotta give credit where credit is due.  Thank you, W.W.A.!

**Not his real name.  I always change the names and a few details to protect the not-so-innocent! 

2 responses on “The Marathon Sex Session: SIZZLE WITH SOPHIA

  1. TJ

    I believe communicating with your partner about sex is a great thing to do, I believe it will help make a relationship stronger. I am glad that you and Julian had that conversation the outcome seemed very fulfilling.

  2. TJ

    Marathon-sex session are seemed needed from your post…it seem as though it would keep a relationship fresh.