The Media Catches Melania Kissin’ Trudeau

Ladies, have you ever found yourself in public and in a stressful situation? The stakes are high, the pressure is on, and you could really use some comfort.  Then, out of no where, a dashing, handsome man comes forward to greet you with a kiss, and you just lose it. You melt.  You just can’t hide your affection for the man, who has rescued you, if only for a brief moment.  You just let your passion flow and show.

The only problem is, if you’re the first lady., everyone is watching you all in your feelings on camera.  Over the weekend during the G-7 Summit, the media caught Melania kissin’ the Canadian Prime Minister,  Justin Trudeau.  Trudeau made his move on Melania when the Donald was looking the other way.  And caught on camera is Melania letting all her feelings come out in one a big wave.

Ladies, we are left wondering what did that kiss do to Melania? Obviously, it did something because she is clearly swept off her feet.

We also want to know why can’t the Donald do this his woman?  Obama can.  Remember how Obama made Melania laugh at Bush senior’s funeral? And, why is Melania so easily emotionally overwhelmed by all these men greeting her with a kiss or making her laugh? Can’t she get any good lovin’ at home so she doesn’t embarrass herself or the nation when she goes out?

I mean geewhiz. Control yourself, lady. It can’t be that good…

Or does Melania know something about Trudeau and Obama, that we don’t…?

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Photos courtesy of Carlos Bario/Reuters, CTV, and cheat sheet