The Pleasure That Comes With Female Condoms

What did you do on September 16?

Did you celebrate Global Female Condom Day?

Don’t tell me you missed it.

September 16 marked Global Female Condom Day. All over the world, HIV activists, policy-makers, and family planning and reproductive health advocates celebrated the day by drawing the world’s attention to the dual protection female condoms provide against HIV and unwanted pregnancy.

It probably comes to no surprise to you that female condoms are not a big seller like their male counterpart – the male condom.  You can’t point to a company that got their financial success from selling the “FC.” Can you?

This may be due to the FC’s big, bulky look and initial difficulty some ladies have in inserting it. We won’t talk about the lubrication that gets all over your hands when you pull the sucker out of the packet or the relatively high price compared to male condoms. Some people tout the fact it’s the only woman-controlled method that provides protection against both HIV and unwanted pregnancy. Definitely a good thing. The FC is good when a man doesn’t want to wear a condom or is too drunk to put one on. But, we all know that if you’re in an abusive relationship and a man doesn’t want to use a condom and you’ve got that “oh-so-discreet” female condom plastic ring hanging out your vagina, he’ll reach right over and snatch it out of you. Am I right? Let’s get real.

Who is kidding who? The female condom is the stepchild of contraceptives.

But… they do provide pleasure.  Did you know that?  FC companies are coming out with these videos that emphasize how pleasurable a female condom can be. (You know your product has a problem when youtube has a million “How to insert a female condom” videos) They take you through all the places you and your partner can experience pleasure using a female condom. SuzyKnew! challenges you to celebrate Global Female Condom Day by trying out the suggestions on this video with your partner.

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  1. Sophia

    Can’t wait to try these! My Boo is even excited! Thanks for the information … right on time, as usual!