The Rise Of Lonely Single Men – And Black Men?

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

If you’ve been surfing the web this last week, you probably ran across the Psychology Today article  “The Rise of LonelySingle Men.”

The article states that as women become more self-assured and demanding in relationships, they are becoming more selective when choosing partners. Women are no longer dating men who have poor communications skills or who aren’t emotionally available.  Yet, men haven’t been able to keep pace with these changes, and as a result they are becoming lonelier and lonelier.  As standards for relationships rise, dating opportunities for heterosexual men are falling.  The author states younger and middle-aged men are loneliest in generations, and it will probably get worse.

When it comes to dating app users, men represent 62%. This reduces their chances of finding a special lady. In short, men need to address their shortfalls in order to meet the expectations for healthier relationships.

But, how does this apply to Black men? Well… Mumia Obsidian came out with his take on the issue as it applies to Black men. The Philadelphia radio show is a little raunchy and can seem overly critical of Black women, saying a lot of the “educated and suburban” ladies just want to date Pookie and Rae Rae. But, here is their take on why Brothas’ aren’t getting the relationships they say they want.