“The Slap” – SuzyKnew! Weighs In

Ladies, everybody is talking about “The Slap:”  Will Smith slapping Chris Rock across the face at the Oscars for insulting his wife has everyone talking and giving their opinion.  So, SuzyKnew! has decided to weigh in. First, we should say we don’t all have the same opinion about what happened.  So, this is the first opinion – but not necessarily the only opinion – we will share.

To sum it up: Chris Rock has got nothing to say. He needs to sit down.  He deserved to be slapped.

How can you insult a man’s wife and not expect to be slapped?

Tell me.

As for all these folk who are talking about “you can’t condone violence” and “violence anywhere is unacceptable”… please. Violence?  Watch the video below.  Do you call that violence? Violence is when someone knocks or throws someone down and kicks and smacks them multiple times. Violence is pulling out a knife and stabbing someone or shooting them.  Please.

The type of slap Will gave was an age-old one from a man determined to defend the “honor” of his wife and his own honor.  This is the same type of slap a woman gives a man for getting fresh with her.  Would people call that “violence”? The slap Will gave is also the type you give someone who is hysterical or out of control to get the person under control.  Chris Rock needed to get his mouth under control.

People are really exaggerating when they talk about “violence.” Either they are too P.C. or always think about violence when it comes to Black people.

Many women of color, especially Black women, are saying they were proud or pleased to see Will defend his wife. Tiffany Haddish said the Will Smith slap was “the most beautiful thing” she had ever seen. Folk are saying Black women aren’t protected enough or defended as they should be. People think they can treat a Black woman any kinda way.

That is true. But, the way I see it, “the Slap” was a man’s gut reaction to his woman being insulted, as stated above. Whether the man is White, Black, Yellow, Brown or Red. A man is a man, and a Black man is no different.  How many movies have you seen where a man has slapped or slugged another man for stepping out of line with his wife?  Nobody is saying, “Oh! That’s so violent! You shouldn’t do that?”  What? You shouldn’t defend yourself? It’s not the end of the world.  It’s called self-respect. Dignity.

And don’t get me started on the Oscar’s threat to take away Will’s Oscar. Please. If that happens, then we might see some real violence…



2 responses on ““The Slap” – SuzyKnew! Weighs In

  1. Charlotte Roy

    Wrong place. Wrong time. Overreaction. Chris’s mild “joke” that was nowhere near an “insult.” In fact, his comment could have been interpreted as applause and support for Jada’s brave and gutsy decision to go “GI Jane 2” with her alopecia instead of wearing a wig. Both Demi Moore and Jada looked fabulous in their baldness. Will went way overboard. I wish he hadn’t.