Three Reasons Why You Keep Reading About Reasons Why You’re Single

If you’re a single lady and out there looking for Mr. Right, you have read your fair share of advice columns and dating books. Sometimes, the more you read, the more you want to continue to read. If you’re still reading about why you’re still single and you have been living the single life for many years – even a decade or two, it’s time to examine why you keep reading advice that obviously hasn’t worked for you. Here are three reasons you might like to consider:

Reason 1: You just haven’t found the right book or piece of advice for you. Sure, each book or piece of advice is helpful. That’s why you keep reading them. But, you haven’t found the book that captures the true essence of why you’re still single. You’re not just some random single woman. But, you’re certain that if you read enough of these books, you’ll find the right love prescription for you.

Reason 2: You’re a romantic at heart and have turned down many offers but are holding out not for Mr. Right but Mr Perfectly Right. You have real hope that he’s out there. We’re taught early on as girls to have an overly idealistic view of love, marriage and family. You’re standards are high – maybe too high – and the books and advice keep you pumped up on romance and hope – maybe as a substitute for the real thing.

Reason 3: This is the reason most of us fall into: Why do all the things we have to do like prepare for tomorrow’s demands at work, handle an unpleasant friend or family situation or clean up the house when we can kill some time by reading about something we feel we less control over: our dating lives. Reading love and advice columns is fun. That’s why you’re reading this now. Here are some reasons why it’s a good idea that you’re still single: Take a look at Madame Noire’s Seven Signs You Should be Single.