To Ukraine With Love – A Post-Valentine’s Day Salute

To Ukraine With Love.

Most people know “From Russia with Love,” the 1963 James Bond film. But, today we want to send love to Ukraine that is facing a horrific invasion by Russia – without any love.

Ukraine needs love and support… and so do we.

This post features a woman demonstrating against the Russian invasion asking for love and support wearing sunflowers, Ukraine’s national flower,  and the symbol of resistance.

If you missed getting or sending love during Valentine’s Day.  We hear you. We feel you. But, think of Ukraine and the horror they’re experiencing – and resist.

Resist the negative feelings and think of love. Send love to Ukraine. Wear a sunflower to symbolize the resistance Ukrainians are mounting against Russia, like Jill Biden, pictured  on  the  right.  The world is resisting, standing with Ukraine and against Russia, as we face the unknown – nuclear war?

Send love to yourself. Send love to Ukraine. Send love to the world.