Trump’s Limp Kwanzaa Message

Happy Kwanzaa, Ladies. Happy 2021.

I know today you’re celebrating the last day of Kwanzaa and the new year.  But, I had to stop and ask: Did you see that limp Kwanzaa message Trump had the nerve to post? He posted it on December 26, the first day of Kwanzaa.

I looked at it, and I thought, why bother?

Why pretend that you care? You don’t.

We will know it’s truly a new year when Joe Biden is inaugurated as president January 20th. There will be a collective sigh of relief.  Of course, the U.S. is still horribly divided; there are people working to overthrow our democracy and COVID is running rampant.  But, let us start with hope and not let this limp message take the light out of our new year.


The First Lady and I send our best wishes to all those observing Kwanzaa.

For many, today marks the first day in a weeklong celebration of African culture and heritage.  As families, friends, and communities light the Kinara over the next 7 days, our Nation honors the indelible contributions of African Americans to the strength and vitality of the United States.