Valentine’s Day Overload

Ladies – Are you still thinking about Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day was last Friday, but with the long President’s Day weekend, it seems like we’ve had Valentine’s Day forever.  All weekend I was wearing my pink and red and snacking on heart-shaped chocolates.  Today, I’m still answering Valentine’s Day wishes from friends, cousins and other family.

It’s not like my day was super romantic and that’s why I can’t stop thinking about it. Friday, I bought some nice roses for my mother which really made her happy.  Saturday, I continued the celebration eating out, selecting Valentine specials.  By the time Sunday rolled in, things were heating up on the phone with a gentleman friend. And, love and warm greetings kept flowing on Monday.

Now it’s Tuesday, and frankly, I’m exhausted with it all. I’m feeling overwhelmed and hung over. I don’t want to see anything red or pink for another year.  I didn’t find Valentine’s Day too commercial this year. It was just too much. And, too long. I mean how much lovey-dovey – whether it’s romantic, familial or other – can one person take?

I’m grateful for the season. Just ready to move on…