What To Read During Martin Luther King Month

Every time MLK Day comes around I feel like I don’t get a chance to celebrate it the way I want to. Face it. We need more than one day to celebrate Martin and all that he stood for. We need a month. Hence the title.

This feeling is stronger this year after white supremists mounted an insurrection January 6 against  the United States.  More and more people are beginning to recognize that there is a large group of people (25 – 30% or more?) in the U.S. who want to overthrow the government and install Trump as president – for life.  Essentially, after refusing to acknowledge the 60 plus failed court cases and numerous vote recounts, these people want to declare votes from Black areas of the country as Move to Trash“fraudulent” or null and void and recognize only votes from areas where there are majority Trump supporters or white people.

To soothe the nerves and find inspiration, SuzyKnew! suggests these articles printed in “The Atlantic” as reads to celebrate MLK season.

Benjamin Mays: Martin Luther King Jr. Eulogy – The Atlantic

Jesmyn Ward: Racism “Built Into the Bones” of Mississippi – The Atlantic