What’s New For World AIDS Day 2012? Condoms That Make Sex Better

So another World AIDS Day (December 1) has come and gone and you wonder what’s new? What’s new is that in 25 countries – mainly in Africa – the rate of new HIV infections has gone down by 50%. But, you’re probably wondering what’s new and sexy, right?

How about condoms that help your man last and keep you coming… (smile) We all want to stay away from infection but using a kill-joy condom all the time isn’t easy.  While extra lubricated, thin and ribbed condoms are nice, it’s good that industry is finally getting the message that if they want more people to use condoms, they have to make condoms that make sex better.

Enter CSD500 condoms. Also, dubbed the “Viagra Condom.” They aren’t available now but their British biotech manufacturer Futura Medical, known for innovative consumer health products, especially in the arena of sexual health, is hoping they’ll be on the market in Europe in 2013.

Now before you get all hot and bothered it’s important to know that the jury is still out on whether the CSD500 condom does all that it says it does.  The product works by lining the condom with a vasodilating gel, which increases blood flow to the penis and helps maintain erection. But unlike Viagra, it’s not made for  men who have erectile dysfunction but for men who have trouble keeping it up when they have a condom on.  And data show that women like the high-tech condom, too.

For more on the product click here:  http://healthland.time.com/2011/05/09/could-a-new-viagra-condom-encourage-safer-sex/#ixzz2ELZORd3k

But, there have been a lot of starts and stops in the launch. Back in 2011, Futura Medical licensed CSD500 to Durex. But, the deal went sour, and in August 2012, Futura Medical took back its rights and decided to control manufacturing itself. While the product is waiting for Europe’s stamp of approval in 2013, it will need more clinical data to get approval in the US.

More good news is that the CSD500 should combat another common cause of HIV/STI transmission: condoms that slip off because of erection problems.

We’re hoping SuzyKnew readers will report back on this new uplifting condom for World AIDS Day 2013.



One response on “What’s New For World AIDS Day 2012? Condoms That Make Sex Better

  1. LavendarGirl

    I’m so glad all of these efforts to reduce HIV/AIDS in Africa is showing real progress. That’s exciting news but hopefully the rate of progress will not end until prevention and sex education becomes common knowledge in every city, town, village and indigenous group.

    To comment on the condoms…I never saw taking the time to put a condom on as a kill joy. I always saw it as protection from a disease I may regret having for the rest of my life! I’m thinking about my health. People who see it as a kill joy to take time to protect themselves are probably moving to fast. Seriously folks! Condoms protect and nowadays enhance our pleasures but be careful. People are just nasty these days sexing everybody and their mommas left and right!! It has never killed the mood for me! Not at all!