Dr. Drai – 5 Ways To Make His Penis Go From Limp To Lively

Hi #GYNEGirls. It’s me Dr. Drai… Let’s talk about the penis today.

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) means your man can’t get it (his penis) up or keep it up during sex. Many men suffer from this condition- approximately 30 million men to be exact. Let’s review the basic anatomy of the penis and what happens during an erection. The penis has 4 main parts: glans (THE HEAD), corpus cavernosum AND corpus spongiosum (THE SHAFT), and the urethra (THE HOLE THAT YOU URINATE OR EJACULATE FROM). When a man is aroused from sexual thoughts or direct stimulation, nerves and hormones work to cause the muscles in the penis to relax and the corpus cavernosum and spongiosum will fill with blood causing the shaft to get hard- an erection. Another set of muscles cuts off the blood supply when the penis is erect to maintain its hardness. Once he orgasms, the blood will drain and the penis softens.

There are lots of causes. Taking prescribed medications to control blood pressure, allergies, anxiety, depression, peptic ulcer disease and or your appetite, as well as aging, and being depressed can lead to ED. Chronic illnesses such as diabetes, high blood pressure, or high cholesterol which can lead to poor blood flow to the penis can cause a penis to be limp. Drinking too much alcohol, smoking cigarettes, doing illegal drugs, even being too tired, having relationship problems, being stressed out about work or being anxious can cause this problem. Any type of damage to the penis, nerves, and arteries that help maintain his erection can also lead to ED. This is treatable fellas. Just talk to your doc- an urologist. They will do a history and physical, order lab tests. I know that you are looking online for treatments because you are embarrassed but this can be dangerous. You just don’t know what is in the medications that you get from these places. Before you turn to medications or even surgery to fix this problem, let’s discuss some ways to cope with a man who can’t get or maintain an erection NATURALLY.

1. Make him do more Cardio exercises. He needs only 30 minutes a day. This will boost his testosterone. He will also lose weight, which can help the testosterone to work better. Testosterone is one of those important hormones that work to get an erection. Exercising also reduces stress and increases blood flow.

2. Cook for him. There are nitrates in leafy greens, lycopene in tomatoes, and zinc in oysters. These essential nutrients will help keep his penis erect. Diet is so important.

3. Have more FOREPLAY with him. Try Oral Sex. ORAL just doesn’t mean the penis ladies. Play with his nipples or the back of his neck. KISS him more. Add Sex Toys in the bedroom BUT make sure they are smaller than his penis.

4. Purchase him a vacuum penis pump. This fun device will draw blood into the penis to help get it erect. If you have an increased risk of bleeding, have sickle cell anemia, or other blood disorders, this is NOT for you. This can cause bruising.

5. Try using a Cock ring. Once you get the penis erect, this sex toy will keep it that way. Silicone only please. It’s one of my FAVs.

You should also make sure your man gets his diabetes, cholesterol, &/or high blood pressure under control. Quit smoking. Make sure he doesn’t drink alcohol or do illegal drugs. Find ways to reduce his stress and anxiety. Make sure he is getting enough sleep. Get help if you are suffering from depression. Ladies try not to be discouraging. You both will overcome this. For a copy of my latest best-selling book “20 Things You May Not Know About The Penis” go to https://drdrai.com/product/book.

Until next time… it’s Dr. Drai.


Dr. Draion M. Burch, DO (Dr. Drai) – a highly respected, board-certified Obstetrician and Gynecologist – is a nationally-recognized author, speaker, consultant, and go-to media expert on women’s health and transgender health issues. He travels the country to meet with women one-on-one and in groups to provide and instruct on healthcare.Dr. Drai always makes time to genuinely help those in need. He is the founder and chief medical advisor of DrDrai.com, where he discusses actionable ideas and real-world strategies to help women take control of their health.