All Women Benefit From Judge Wendy Blocking Trumps’s Attack On Contraception

In October 2018, Trump moved reduce American women’s access to contraception by allowing more employers to deny women insurance coverage for contraception on the basis of religious or moral objections. It is estimated that more than 55 million U.S. women have access to birth control without additional payment because of the contraceptive coverage mandate put in place by the previous Obama administration.

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Since then states and judges all over the country have gone hog-wild to halt, at least temporarily, Trump’s move. However, this approach was piece-meal, affecting women in less than half of all U.S. States.  Blatantly left out were women in southern states such as Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana where access to accurate reproductive health information and quality care is woefully lacking.

Luckily, U.S. District Judge Wendy Beetlestone is on the case. On January 15, she placed an injunction stopping the Trump Administration from enforcing these rules.  All American women will benefit from this ruling and are ensured of being able to access contraceptives through the contraceptive coverage mandate.

Now, Ladies, we have to wait and see if The Donald retaliates…