Fertility Friday: No Period. Now What?!

This Friday SuzyKnew! shares Fertility Friday’s podcast on overcoming hypothalamic amenorrhea (HA), a condition that causes you to lose your period because of what is happening in your brain. Founder and host Lisa Jack-Henderson interviews Nicola Rinaldi, the author of No Period. Now What? in a second interview.  The first interview can be found on Fertility Friday’s episode number 141. The focus of this episode is on the emotional aspects of hypothalamic amenorrhea (HA), whereas our first episode focused more on how to identify the condition, and identifying the difference between HA and PCOS.

Topics discussed in today’s episode:
What is Hypothalamic Amenorrhea (HA)?
Why regular ovulation is important for overall health (not only when you want to have babies!)
The role of estrogen and progesterone in the menstrual cycle
Are periods necessary?
HA as a symptom of a broader social issue
The role of under-eating and over-exercise in HA
Overcoming the mindset associated with severe caloric restriction with food
Why hormonal contraceptives aren’t the solution for HA
Overcoming HA when trying to conceive

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