An Easter Monday Poem: Sweet Bye And Bye

Sweet Bye and Bye

Well, drip the juice
turn off your
Sunday suits
Fried chicken crackling
Rerun, what’s happening
Brothers givin dap again
ain’t no O’Jay
back stabbin-in
Bill Cosby
found a friend again
Fat Albert
workin off pork rinds
and gubment
sinners gettin
on knees
Faith returned
Heaven turned warm Sweet Bye and Bye
Just a little sumthin
remindin us how
a man’s actions
added volume
to his words
Kids were seen
not heard
and grandma
kept couches
wrapped in Saran
I’d give a limb
to see a kid
climb a tree again.
Sweet bye and bye
days gone by.
Grab a palm leaf and
wave it on Sunday
We live in a world
with so many
God has abandoned
Sunday and puts in
work Monday
through Saturday.
Cotton field
work ethic
and a King’s
We need to overcome
One mo gen.
I’d rather see
the human race win
than watch another
Superbowl commercial
Facts of life
that feel like lies.
A Mason jar,
Fireflies and a dad
changing diapers
were such good times
Copyright © TS Lewis | Year Posted 2015