Texas Judge May Ban The Abortion Pill While “Christian” Jessa Duggar Seewald Chooses To Have An Abortion


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Ladies, we live in interesting times. Just as we kick off Women’s History Month and celebrate International Women’s Day, we wait with bated breath to find out if Texas Judge Kacsmaryk will ban mifepristone, a key drug for medication abortion.

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At the same time, Jessa Duggar, a self-professed Christian, known for her reality show 19 Kids and Counting as well and having strong anti-contraception and anti-abortion views had the audacity to post a YouTube video claiming she had a D&C after her fifth pregnancy – not an abortion. It’s the same procedure.

Read the SuzyKnew! article about the Duggars’ views on contraception  and the Duggar family’s ungodly behavior.

Appointed by Trump and considered a conservative, anti-abortion activist, Judge Kacsmaryk’s ruling could declare mifepristone unlawfully approved. Although most experts say the case is based on false medical claims, mifepristone could be forced off the market nation-wide.  Ultimately, it is the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that has the last say.  The FDA may have to conduct additional clinical studies to put the drug back on the market. But, this could take years, which would mean thousands of women would be harmed, possibly being forced to endure longer and more painful procedures or bleed out on the hospital table.

Abortion and D&C are the same procedure: evacuating the uterus with suction or a knife. Jessa had the privilege to have the procedure and deceive her followers by calling it a “D&C” instead of an abortion. Her state bans all abortions unless they are “life-saving.” So, other women in Arkansas have to bleed out to prove they need an abortion to save their lives, leaving some infertile or too sick to work and care for their children.

Ladies – Some women, like Jessa, can have abortions in states where abortion is banned. While others cannot. Mifepristone is a safe and effective drug that facilitate the abortion procedure. If you haven’t already, call your representatives and come out and demonstrate for your health, for all women’s health, for health for all. .