The American Duggar Family and Contraception

In the US, there is a family named the Duggars who have 19 children. While in many countries, one woman having so many children may not be as rare as it is in the US, the size of this family captures a lot of attention in the US. It allows them to promote their stand against contraception, linking it to their religious beliefs. The Duggars have their own TV show swarming with fans, especially Christian conservatives. However, they get receive a lot of criticism as well. While the Bible says “be fruitful and multiply,” it also says be good stewards of God’s earth.  It is clear, global resources are diminishing as the population continues to grow. Water shortages and droughts are more frequent. Timber, oil and other natural resources are in short supply. Contraception is an option that allows women and men to be more responsible and loving to your family as well as God’s earth.

Photo courtesy of Christian News

2 responses on “The American Duggar Family and Contraception

  1. health

    if they can afford 17/18 kids, than who cares, right? Besides, i don’t know why they take all the heat. There are plenty of other families nowadays with that many kids. If you google it, there is a Russian family in California who have 17 kids. Nobody talks about them or gives them hell about it. My family has 14 kids (we would of had 16 kids if it wasn’t for my 2 brothers passing away). 8 of us are adopted, but still. Nobody makes our lives miserable because of it. So why do you, when typing the Duggar family into google, find hundreds of websites saying how stupid and irresponsible they are. Not to mention the names they get called. I mean, leave them alone, they aren’t hurting you (and don’t even begin to give me that crap about how the world is overpopulated). I want you to give me one thing, just one thing, horrible in your PERSONAL life that is all messed up because of the Duggars. you can’t.
    haha, baxter, i loved your answer. i’ve already run into 5.