Are My Labia Normal?

This is the type of question you ponder in the middle of a pandemic. Or a hurricane. As the horrors of COVID 19 and Hurricane Ida surround us (not to mention Afghanistan), focusing on something more personal can be comforting. Yes, instead of navel gazing, you can labia gaze…

Labia -you know – is Latin for lips.  There are the outer labia (labia majora) and inner labia (labia minora) when it comes to the folds of your vulva.   The outer lips is where the hair flourishes and usually cover part of our inner lips. The inner labia connect to the clitoral hood.

So – what is normal when it comes to labia? Are mine too long? Too short? Too thick or wrinkly?

You probably know the answer: Everyone is different. Vulvas – and all their “stuff” – come in different shapes, sizes and colors.  And, yes, sometimes one side of the inner lips is longer than the other side. Only in porn movies do a lot of labia look cropped and boring. But, if labia are long and chafing, you can get surgery to reduce them.

And, what if you don’t like the way your lips look and want the boring porn look? Is labiaplasty the answer? SuzyKnew! did tackle this question a while back in 2015 when a reader asked about getting plastic surgery for her vagina. But, it’s 2021 now. And, we know there is no “normal” looking labia so to speak. Maybe earlier people wanted the boring, cookie-cutter porn look. But, I think ladies know the the goal today is to strut your stuff and take pride in your unique look.   

Labia are kind of like snowflakes. No two pair look alike.