ASK AN OBGYN: Is The Size Of My Clitoris ‘Normal’?

Dear SuzyKnew,  I have a large clitoris and though I’ve never talked about it with a gynecologist I decided to bring it up at a recent visit. When I asked if it was linked to me having PCOS or higher than normal testosterone levels (for women) she said my clitoris definitely pokes out more than what is “normal” and that its likely linked to higher testosterone levels. Sometimes it makes me feel insecure because it’s so different than what’s considered “normal.” I’m single now but when I get married in the future what will my husband think? How can I be more confident with this part of me?

Thank you.


Miss. Insecure


Dear Miss. Insecure…  One of the most unique and beautiful things in the world is the female body. I like to think of our genitalia as a flower in bloom.  Some women may have a little rose bud, others a full-on floribunda.

What causes a large clitoris?  Some women are simply born with a large clitoris.  As you noted with your gynecologist, it is common for the clitoris to become enlarged in women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) because of the increased androgen levels.

There are two ways you can go: you can love it or leave it.

Love it-  I consider the clitoris as a “bonus track” for women.  It’s a part of our body that has no other purpose but for sexual pleasure. It sounds like you were lucky enough to be well endowed.   My advice would be to own it, enjoy it, and revel in it.  Most women cannot orgasm without some clitoral stimulation.  That’s why face-to-face or woman-on-top positions that allow the clitoris to be rubbed are so popular.  A more prominent clitoris could open up a broader repertoire of sexual positions for you and your partner.

Leave it- There is a multi-million dollar cosmetic surgery industry that works hard to convince us that there is one “normal” and one ideal of beauty.  Some women undergo surgical altercation of their bodies, including removal of their labias.  My advice to you is to be proud of your beauty.  For inspiration, check out the piece Suzy wrote on the unique beauty of our lady parts.

A quick web search will reveal that our genitalia truly come in all shapes, sizes and colors.  Men know that a woman’s beauty comes in many shapes and sizes including her lady parts. Any man worth your time will love you and love your body exactly the way it is made.

Take good care of yourself.


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