Can’t Find Love? Take This Test To Find Out Why

Call me a sucker. But, I love taking online tests that tell me all about myself. So, I couldn’t resist the Love Assessment Indicator I recently found on

I know I have some bad patterns when it comes to relationships. So, why not take the armchair approach to therapy and fill out a 2-minute survey to bring some clarity and peace of mind.  Well – the good news is the Love Assessment told me I wasn’t the basket case when it comes to love – as I’ve always feared.  It showed me what I was doing wrong as well as what I was doing right.

I received a score of 62 out of 100. A professional love and relationship coach scores your test through some sort of calculation. The assessment  told me “You’re motivated to create true love and haven’t yet found your ideal relationship.”  You know that’s right!

Then when I lost my test results and had to take the test again. But, I only scored a 52 out of 100. What happened?

The bad news is that I had to give my email address so I’ll probably be getting emails from this love coach forever, But,  it was worth it. Simple. Easy. Got my results without any hassle.

And, ladies, when it’s all said and done, we all know a key step to getting love is attracting the gentlemen.

Every lady can do that.

You just have to remember how beautiful and wonderful you are… And shake it!


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