ASK JANICE: Are Female Orgasms a Gift From God?

QUESTION: I am in my early 20’s and am engaged to be married next year. My fiancée and I and both come from a very conservative, Christian background. We were taught that premarital sex is a sin and that sexual intercourse should only be shared within the confines of marriage. However, my fiancée and I became intimate a year ago, right after we got engaged. My fiancée enjoys our sex life and harbors no guilt since we’re getting married, anyway. On the other hand, I can never fully enjoy having sex because I feel so guilty. Help!

ANSWER: Listen, girl. From one Christian to another, you need to recognize that God, in his infinite love and generosity, has given us a few wonderful things that naturally bring about pure happiness … things like chocolate, rainbows, pomegranates and female orgasms!

Yes, I said it! Female orgasms are among some of the most precious gifts from God! Think about it! What other biological function does your clitoris have? None! It is simply there for pleasure… kind of like rainbows after a storm.

Now, there are plenty of things to feel guilty about: famine, global warming, and the American Tea Party movement. But, experiencing pleasure with the man you are going to marry shouldn’t be one of them! After all, in medieval Europe, an engagement was just as binding as marriage. So, if this were the fifteenth century, you’d be as good as married already!

You just have to ask yourself this: am I (this is you talking to yourself, here) hurting anyone by making love to the man I’ve promised to marry? If the answer is no, then you’re in the clear! You accepted his proposal of marriage intending to spend the rest of your life with this man. You’ve already made a pledge… the ceremony next year will just be a formality.

So, you need to kick back with your man and enjoy yourself! Don’t let him have all the fun! Relax and let the man you love give you pleasure … pleasure you deserve. God not only gave you life, He gave you a body built to enjoy all the pleasures of that life!

You have the gift of sight to see the rainbows after the storm; you have the gift of hearing to enjoy an opera so beautiful, it moves you to tears. You have the gift of taste to enjoy the rich creamy goodness of chocolate; you have the gift of smell so that you can appreciate a garden of roses in full bloom. And He gave you the gift of touch… and a body part sensitive enough for that touch to take you as close to heaven as you can get while still alive. So, put it to good use and enjoy!

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One response on “ASK JANICE: Are Female Orgasms a Gift From God?

  1. Fifi32

    We women (and men) also have G-spots and they too produce earth-shaking orgasms. Let your fiancé in on this hidden fact and you two explore and enjoy all the orgasms you can stand. Also remember, God is a loving and forgiving God. His desire is for us to be happy too..and orgasms do make us happy.