In a Cloud of Confused Love with the Gabonese Pilot

The Gabonese Pilot is back. That’s right. If you remember, he crashed into me on Valentine’s Day earlier this year.

He was determined to give me the best Valentine’s Day a lady can have.

But, we never hooked up.

He said he was looking all over the hotel for me. And I was looking for him. Then he disappeared and we have been texting and sexting ever since.

Okay. Full disclosure: I was put off because I found out he is married. And I told him I’m not interested in married gentlemen.

But, he kept texting – and I kept replying.

Then suddently his texts stopped. I actually had the nerve to get jealous. And then my computer crashed and I had to take it to get fixed. I went like a month without hearing a word. So, when I got my computer back I sent a Skype text asking why he was ignoring me. He Skyped back immediately saying he isn’t ignoring me. I told him good.

I missed his texts. I liked them. Then he told me he will be in Washington, D.C., and he plans to come visit.

I haven’t texted back…