ASK JANICE: My Man Says that If I Really Love Him, I’d Let Him Not Use a Condom

Question: My man says that if I love him, I’d let him not use a condom. What should I do?

Answer: I wish this wasn’t a written answer so that you could all hear my loud, melodramatic sigh. Here we are at the beginning of the 21st century, more than three decades after the HIV virus was discovered in humans, and there are still so many people who refuse to use condoms!

Insert another big sigh here, too.

I won’t bore you with the alarming statistics like the fact that about 14,000 new HIV infections occur every day around the world. These statistics are just numbers to most people. They don’t have anything to do with what goes on in the bedroom between you and your man.

But the reality is that this statistic is probably low and the best way you can avoid joining this club (and/or risking an unwanted pregnancy) is to use condoms. All the time. Every time.

So your man says that he doesn’t like using condoms because “it just doesn’t feel the same”, or “it takes the spontaneity out of sex”. Well, that’s a load of crap. These days there are condoms on the market that are so thin that neither you nor he will be able to even tell it’s there! And they come in all sorts of colors and flavors (yes, flavors!) so that using them can actually become part of your sex play.

Make it fun! Get creative! Prolong the anticipation of sex by seductively rolling the condom on with your mouth (the flavored ones come in real handy for this). Or tease him with your hands as you ease the condom all the way down to the base of his shaft. Trust me. If you do It right, he’ll never object to wearing condoms again!

Now I know that realistically, there are still some men who prefer to ride bare back just as there are still some women who will let them. For these people who insist on playing Russian roulette with their lives, I have just three words: GET TESTED OFTEN. Know your status. It’s the least you can do to stop the spread of HIV and other STD’s.

So, when your man says that not making him wear a condom proves your love for him, turn it right back around. Tell him that if he really loves you, he WILL wear one and protect you both.

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