My Valentine’s Day Encounter with a Gabonese Pilot

Is it love or lust?  Valentine’s Day morning I was walking down the stairs of the hotel when he caught my eye and said “Hola? Do you speak the language here?”

“A little,” I said. He was handsome in his crisp white uniform.

I told him I wasn’t a local but living in the small, oil-rich West African country to head up a public health project. He said he was a pilot. From Gabon. Gabon? The other oil-rich West African country? He flew his boss, the Lebanese businessman who built the hotel, to Rome, Beirut, Paris, Libreville, and other African capitals. He could fly me.

We promised to meet that evening for Valentine’s. But, I couldn’t find him. And he didn’t find me.

Now I get these texts… late at night. “Are you sleeping?” “Where are you?”  “What are you wearing…?”

Check out my next post when I find out where my Gabonese pilot flies me next.