‘Bans Off Our Bodies’ March – Detroit

After a leaked memo revealed that the U.S. Supreme Court plans on taking away a woman’s constitutional right to have an abortion, marches were organized all across America.  Women – and men- have taken to the streets to protest. Around 400 demonstrations were held last weekend to let the Court Justices know that Americans support a women’s right to control her body and oppose the Justices’ war against women’s reproductive health and rights.

I attended the Detroit rally and found a sizeable crowd of around 400. The sound system wasn’t that great but people were in a good mood and determined to fight.  Michigan is a state that if Roe v Wade is overturned, an old 1931 law would come into effect criminalizing abortion. Governor Witmer is asking the Michigan Supreme Court to protect abortion rights if Roe v Wade is reversed. Detroit wasn’t the only place in Michigan where people turned out. Ann Arbor, Lansing and Grand Rapids held marches to name a few.

Today the Michigan Supreme Court asked for more information from the Gov, as she’s asking the Michigan Supreme Court to declare that a 1931 ban on abortion is illegal under the state constitution. What makes the situation uncommon is Gov Witmer wants the court to reach over lower courts and settle it fast.

On a cultural note, “Bans off our bodies!” was the short sweet message Megan Thee Stallion had for the audience when she accepted the award for artist of the year earlier this month.  From Texas where the heart-beat ban on abortion is in effect, Megan didn’t mince words.

Ladies – as we roll into this weekend, demonstrations are planned. Keep the message simple “Bans off our bodies!”