Happy Mother’s Day 2022

Happy Mother’s Day, SuzyKnew! Readers

We’re sharing the Mother’s Day greeting from Parker Avenue Knits in Detroit. If you haven’t been yet, stop by and say “hi” to Sally and her mom and sister and check out the beautiful yarn and creativity by Black women.


Sunday May 8 is officially Mother’s Day in America but what does that even mean? For every person I have had the pleasure of meeting or servicing at Parker Avenue “Mother’s Day” is something different. Life is a real interactive sport played by imperfect humans. Life with Mother is not one scenario fits all.

Whatever your experience as or with a Mom and however that made you feel I truly hope you know on yet another Hallmark holiday that your fiber family is here. We don’t shout Mother’s Day from the roof because someones experience includes a mother who tried but couldn’t live up to the unrealistic standards society imposed on them. Someone else wanted to be a mother but the universe had other plans. And someone still had a mother or a child but only for a while and not anymore in this realm. Someone has two dads. Someone has an aunt, grandmother, teacher, neighbor, sister who has loved them more than a mother ever could.

Sunday May 7 and 8 Parker Avenue is open with one little twist… our teacher Miss Linda will be teaching Saturday and Sunday. Miss Linda will get you started if you have never held a needle or a hook, she will help you get unstuck if that project has you stumped and she will consult with you as you pick out your next masterpiece. No mother ever gave more confidence and encouragement to a fiber fan than our Miss Linda even your mother will agree.

Bring your fiber AND maybe your mother. Because here we celebrate every day and just try to bring a little joy to everyone.

Warmest regards,

Sally and her Mom