Black Girls Rocked The Olympics. But, Are They Rocking Their Love Lives?

The U.S. won the most gold medals of any country (46) during the 2016 Olympics, and Black girls played a large role in making this happen with a lot of “firsts.” Simone Biles took home 4 gold medals in gymnastics, the first American woman to do this. Gymnast Gabby Douglas also won gold this Olympics after being the first woman of color to win a gold medal in gymnastics in 2012. Boxer Clarissa Shields won a gold medal, back-to-back with Olympics 2012, another first. Simone Manuel became the first African-American woman to win an individual event in Olympic swimming, and Michelle Carter was the first U.S. woman to win a shot put gold medal. There were other gold medalists not to mention other Black female medal winners from the U.S. and other countries.

Ok. These ladies are rocking their game. But, what’s going on with their love lives? Do they have someone special who helps them relax, have fun or stay centered and persevere?  Here’s SuzyKnew!’s  quick run down:

Simone Biles – Miss Simone has a “Brazilian boyfriend” Arthur Nory, who’s also a gymnast – an artistic one. The two met in July at the Olympic Village. They were supportive of each other during@simone_biles

the games, and feted each other’s gold medals. But, apparently, Nory looks at other hot gymnast babes, in addition to Simone. Such as fellow Brazilian gymnast Jade Barbosa. Ouch.

No worries. Simone really adores and love kissing on Zac Efron.

Gabby Douglas says her man’s name is “Jim” as in Jim Nastics – devoting all her energy and time to her sport. Gabby_ian-somerhalder-gabby-douglas-articleBut, back in 2012 she did get a chance to meet her celebrity crush Ian Somerhalder.

Clarissa Shields has had some bad experiences with men, suffering abusive encounters. However, today she enjoys a positive relationship with another Shields_Holmes_1_800x375 (1)boxer, Ardreal Holmes, who like Clarissa is from Flint, MI. Ardreal won a gold medal in boxing in 2012.

Finding info on the Simone Manuel and Michelle Carter’s personal lives was more challenging. There’s not much information floating around on the internet. It’s clear Simone speaks out against police violence against black men and Michelle enjoys fashion and make-up, encouraging larger women to embrace their image. But, finding out whether they are rocking love lives is next to impossible. These two ladies must be rocking self-love, preparing for Olympics 2018.


Photo courtesy: Simone_Biles Twitter, Yahoo News and US magazine