Help! I Have A Strong Musty Smell ASK AN OBGYN

Hello SuzyKnew! 
I have always noticed that my vagina gets an extremely strong musty smell, since I was 11. I sweat through my underwear every night and all day. I sweat even worse if I wear none!!!  My feet and armpits sweat as well. I am 21 and have been going through respiratory issues of severe allergies and congestion for the last 3 years. I am tired of constantly bathing and seeing no results. HELPPP please


Dear  Reader,
It sounds like you have two problems: a musty smell and excessive sweating which are very likely related.   I’ll offer some advice here, but I encourage you to see a doctor to try to understand the underlying cause of your symptoms, especially since you have had these since you were 11 and they are not improving.
1. Switch your underwear to cotton and change it often.  You need a breathable and absorbing fabric.   Silky fabrics can make a moist environment worse and cause the bacteria to grow.
2. Don’t‘ wear underwear at night and when you are laying around the house.  Give your vagina some time to breathe.
3. Don’t douche or use powders, deodorants or sprays. These products cover up the problem and make it worse.  Use a clean washcloth with gentle soap and water to clean your vagina.
4. See your doctor.  I am concerned that you have had this problem for many years.  This points to an underlying health issue that has gone undiagnosed and untreated.  Share all your symptoms with your doctor and ask for screenings for high blood sugar and general blood work.
Take Care