Do Nice Men Who Talk Nasty Get Girls Into Bed?

Passion in bed

I met a guy the other day when I was exhibiting for a high school fair. He looked like the principal of a school. Handsome. Clean-cut.  He even had on a nice jacket and tie while the other exhibitors lounged around in polo shirts. “Nice…” I thought to myself, as I approached him to tell him about my school and ask if he was job hunting because our school was recruiting.

Mr. Nice accepted my invitation to ice cream as way of getting to know more about the school and …well me.  In between licks, he shared with me his views on education and how Black males fared in the system. He also impressed me with his knowledge of art and his curiosity about the latest African-American painters.

I was mesmerized.  I gazed into his eyes enjoying his talk when he went for the kill, “So, what are you doing Friday? Can I take you out for a drink?”

“Sure,” I said. Delighted to find such a nice man.

So, I showed up at the bar, ready for more Mr. Nice.  But, our date conversation quickly turned into a nasty session about him asking me right off the bat about my sex habits and the positions I liked. I was stunned.  I didn’t know how to respond.  I tried turning it around and confronted him with a few ridiculously direct questions of my own.

“What a way to get to know someone. Why are you so interested in sex?  What do you like so much about it?!”  I pronounced point blankly, pleased that I had come up with a strategy on how to handle the situation.

Well that was a mistake.

Mr. Nice-Turned-Nasty looked at me, as if he had been waiting the entire time for me to ask him such a question. He raised his voice so everyone in the bar could hear him and put his hand up in the air and announced at the top of his voice, “What do I like about sex?! Well, look at my hand. This is your pussy when I’m having sex with you. And, this is your pussy when you come,” he said excitedly as his hand went from an open circle to a closed tight one that writhed in excitement.

I looked at him in complete disbelief. Who in the world was this man?  Did he really succeed with the ladies talking and behaving this way?  How many girls did he get into bed with this act: Nasty-talking Nice Man?

Any thoughts?

4 responses on “Do Nice Men Who Talk Nasty Get Girls Into Bed?

  1. LuvBeingLuvD

    Nasty talk, yeah baby! As one who enjoys ‘dirty’ sex talk especially when I am into the guy, his timing and ebvironment was off and inappropriate. Personally for me to enjoy such titilating expressions, I would have to know the expressor and the conversation should be whispered in my ear. Not for the entire restaurant to hear. He sounds like a typical New York man and maybe there are some women whose experiences are only with men who approach and talk to them in this manner.

    Was the writer turned on by his violating conversation?

    1. Suzy Knew Post author

      You know… afterwards lying in bed alone, thinking about his conversation and words… sigh.. I was a little titillated.

  2. Sophia

    I love some good dirty talk, especially between the sheets!!! But, on a first date, in a bar? No, thanks. Not unless we already knew each other well, and even then I’d prefer to have it whispered seductively in my ear. The really good ones know how to talk dirty at exactly the right moment, in exactly the right tone of voice. And believe me, tone, pitch, volume, feeling his breath on your ear and neck as he makes you blush … all those play a part in how successful he will be in having his words acted out later on in the bedroom … or wherever!!

    1. Suzy Knew Post author

      Yeah… girl! I know what you mean. But, his delivery was nasty. You’re right if had had the right delivery and right tone, things may have been different.