November 16, 2017, Comments Off on The Politics Of Wetness – By F. N.

So, the last time I was having sex I realized I wasn’t as wet as I usually am. I was concerned. I’m usually wet, very wet, and everything is silky […]

What Makes Great Sex Possible?

October 29, 2013, Comments Off on What Makes Great Sex Possible?

What makes great sex possible? I ran across this age-old question while going through my yahoo inbox. Luckily, has a ton of relationshi ...

My Penis Broke

Filipina_Gal: “My penis broke.”

August 10, 2012, Comments Off on Filipina_Gal: “My penis broke.”

If he wanted the most awkward post first date conversation topic, this would’ve been it. Backtrack to when I arrived in France. I couldn’t wa ...

Too big

What If He’s Just TOO Big?

July 27, 2012, 3 Comments

Over the years, I’ve had friends complain about men who were not well-endowed enough to satisfy them.  Many women don’t mind telling you ...