Embrace All Things Golden And Pumpkiny! Guest Blogger Lillian Ogbogoh

It’s funny how one day you are shorts deep in sandals and picnics and before you know it you’re fighting to hold on to that last bit of sunshine. Looking for every opportunity to wear those open toes wedges and sundress one last time, however, there comes a moment where you really have to kiss the summer days goodbye and embrace all things golden hue and pumpkiny! Yes, pumpkin is now an adjective,  once you kiss goodbye to summer you allow all manner of awesome things to show up. Like autumn colors in your wardrobe and soft fluffy jumpers which you can curl up in.

It’s funny haha, well more funny peculiar that this is an exact metaphor for our lives. We spend so much time fighting to hold onto things in our lives from relationships that have passed being honoring, to ideas of who we think we should be, leaving us stuck as we battle conflicting views of who we are. All of this leaves us spinning our heels and not going anywhere very quickly. Those old ideas of what makes a perfect partner are actually keeping you from finding that incredible person to share your life with.

So, as autumn unfolds, it is time to kiss things goodbye in your life once and for all, the same way you put away your summer stuff. This the perfect time to look around in your world and decide what things no longer fit in your brand new season. Sometimes we hold on to that favorite top even though we know it is moth-eaten and hole ridden. Yet we keep it for sentimental reasons.

So, it is time to get stuck in and get clearing the physical space as well as emotional space. It is time to cast a keen eye over things in your home. Do they honor the woman you have become? Would that amazing woman be wearing clothes that do not make her feel amazing and beautiful? Would she keep things in her closet saying one day when I have lost 5 pounds I will wear this? Or saying Ohh I will wait and wear this for a special occasion? Lady, every day you are alive is a celebration. But, I digress. Would she wear something that does not support her amazing body? The answer should be a big fat NO! The woman you are becoming no longer keeps mementos of former relationships reminding her of the past that was not to be. It is time to make a clean sweep and take the teddy bears and old jewelry to your local charity stores, so they can bring joy to someone else’s world.

It is also time to kiss goodbye those old beliefs. You know the ones that say you are not enough and blah! Blah, Blah….. Check out the source of those beliefs. Really examine them and find out if they are true or just your gremlins speaking?

So, to wrap this up: the same way you tuck your summer gear it is time to kiss goodbye the things in your world that no longer honor the amazing woman you are becoming.