Fertility Friday: Do You Need Your Doctor’s ‘Blessing’ To Use Fertility Awareness?

Today we’re sharing Fertility Friday’s episode about health professionals, and how they may or may not respond to a woman’s decision to use fertility awareness.


Countless women have had negative experiences when they express their desire to use fertility awareness-based methods as birth control (and even for conception in some cases). This seems to be improving as general awareness of fertility awareness increases, but most health professionals still have little knowledge or training in this area.

What this means for you is …..

1. You don’t need your doctor’s permission to use fertility awareness (because ultimately it up to you to decide how to manage your fertility!!).

2. Most health professionals (including doctors, midwives, nurses, naturopaths, etc.) have not received specific training in the area of fertility awareness cycle charting. It’s similar to me saying that most health professionals aren’t also dentists.

3. For accurate information about fertility awareness-based methods, and specific training in those areas it’s best to find an instructor who has been trained and certified in a specific method! This way you can get the support you need to gain confidence and benefit from the highest possible efficacy, particularly when you’re planning to rely on using it for birth control.

It’s not easy when you go against the grain! Opting for fertility awareness-based methods for birth control also puts the responsibility on you as you embark on the learning process. But don’t feel discouraged if your health professional doesn’t give you their “blessing”!

You don’t need it.

Click here to listen to the podcast episode for some encouragement.