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It’s only fitting that as we roll into Christmas week that SuzyKnew! features Jerusalema by South Africa’s DJ Master KG and singer Nocembo Zikode. This uplifting song with a religious feel came out late last year and went viral during the COVID lockdown – with over 200 million views on YouTube in less than a year.

Most people don’t understand what the song, which is mostly in Zulu, means but get that the song must be “religious-leaning” because of the title and the singers keep saying “Jerusalema.”  The song has been called “a COVID Anthem” that brings joy in the midst of grim times.  Everyone wants to dance to it and dance challenges have sprung up all over.  My office Holiday party featured top leadership shaking a leg to the beat.

The words to Jerusalema mean “Jerusalem is my home, guard me, walk with me, do not leave me here — Jerusalem is my home, my place is not here, my kingdom is not here.”  It’s actually a Zulu gospel song. We all feel like we don’t belong in this COVID (and Trump) nightmare… but somewhere beautiful like Christmas.