Fertility Friday: Male Factor Infertility

This weekend we share Fertility Friday’s podcast on men’s sperm.

Did you know the majority of men’s sperm are abnormal? Even the healthiest man alive? Fortunately, mother nature is infinitely wiser than we are! Your cervical fluid filters abnormally shaped sperm (and sperm with poor mobility), allowing only normal and healthy sperm to pass through the cervix and move on to fertilize an egg.

This Friday, Fertility Friday released a new podcast interview with Dr. Thinus Kruger, a South African medical doctor whose work changed the way sperm is classified and analyzed. If your partner’s sperm has ever been tested, and you’ve seen the “strict morphology” numbers on his lab test — Dr. Kruger developed and standardized the “Kruger Strict” method.

Topics discussed in today’s episode:
– What brought Professor Kruger to focus on fertility challenges and more specifically, challenges in sperm morphology
– Professor Kruger’s analyzation of sperm and that certain sperm shapes have a connection with pregnancy rates
– What is morphology?
– What the impact of male infertility can have on a couple trying to conceive naturally
– What women should know about morphology
– Professor Kruger’s perspective on the decline in male sperm count and quality

Tune into Fertility Friday’s interview to discover how why it’s important to have your partner’s sperm analyzed, what he can do to improve sperm quality, and why Dr. Kruger recommends against jumping strait to artificial reproductive technology when you encounter fertility challenges.

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