Fertility Friday: Top 10 Ways I’m Preparing For Pregnancy

Ladies, there is so much information out there on what to do for a healthy pregnancy. But, how do we get our bodies ready before there’s a baby on the way? Let’s hear from a Sista’ who is an expert on this issue.  This week SuzyKnew! shares Fertility Friday’s top 10 steps for preparing for pregnancy.  This episode discusses:

  • The importance of food based nutrition, and taking time to replenish nutrients when preparing for pregnancy
  • Incorporating fertility boosting foods including healthy fats, and organ meats
  • Supporting gut health by eating fermented foods and consuming bone broth
  • The role of fertility awareness (as a form of non-hormonal birth control) in preserving fertility and preparing for pregnancy
  • The impact of pregnancy and breastfeeding on your nutrient stores
  • Child spacing as pregnancy preparation
  • The role of sleep to balance hormones
  • Ensuring your partner is preparing for pregnancy also

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