This Good Friday Remember Black Women Who Are Victims Of Trafficking

This Good Friday the Pope has asked for meditations to be dedicated to victims of human trafficking. He asked Sister Eugenia (pictured above) who works with migrant women forced to work as sex workers to compose the meditations.

Remember Black women today.

In Italy, where the Vatican is located,  thousands of African women are trafficked for sex work each year.  In the U.S., Black women are more likely to be victims of sexual trafficking than women of other races.  Slightly more than 40% of sex trafficking victims are Black, according to the Justice Department, and women are more than twice as likely (68%) than men to be trafficked for sex.

As for human trafficking globally, the majority of the top 10 countries that have the worst records for human trafficking are African countries. They include Equatorial Guinea, Central African Republic, Eritrea, Mauritania, the DR Congo and Guinea Bissau.

Christ died for the sins of humankind on Good Friday.  Remember this, and pray for our healing from the sins committed against us.