Giving Thanks: Guest Blogger Lillian Ogbogoh

Can you imagine how awesome the world would be if we actually all gave thanks for the things that showed up in our lives? Yes. I know that there are days you just feel like you can’t catch a break, so stopping to be grateful you will rather look for bellybutton fluff  than give thanks or is that just me?

Giving thanks is really important not just as a reminder of all the amazing things that are showing up in your world but it is the best thing to chase away the oh woe is me blues.  Did you know that your brain as amazing as it is cannot hold two opposing thoughts? So when you are feeling a little blue, a quick counting of all things that you can be grateful for  does wonders to change your mood.

So I ask what are you giving thanks for? Sometimes we seem to only count the major things that show up in our lives but recently I have taken to counting everything. From getting a seat on my morning commute to waking up and feeling that I am contributing to others in my circle, I count the amazing friends I have in my corner who are always ready to support me or just be there while am working through a case of the grumps. Are you getting the picture? The things you can give thanks for are numerous and varied and they all go back to why it is great that you are alive and present in the world.

Okay so you are starting to look up from your belly button which is really cool J I am not going to tell you to keep a gratitude journal that you should grab first thing in the morning to list all the possible things you could give thanks for if you did that will be cool as that is an amazing way to keep track of all the amazing things that show up in your world. You could use your keep note option  on your phone to note down what you are giving thanks for.  And the awesome thing about giving thanks the more reason you would have to give thanks it seems to have a doubling effect.

So who and what are you giving thanks for in your life?