Happy Kwanzaa 2023 And An Update From SuzyKnew!

Hello SuzyKnew! Readers

Greetings from SuzyKnew! We trust you are in the full swing of Kwanzaa 2023 and getting ready to celebrate the new year.

Here’s one of our favorite Kwanzaa recipes in Low Carb Africa for chicken Mafe or peanut butter stew that is low in carbs. Yes! If you’re on a keto diet it will work. Enjoyl

We apologize for not publishing during these last few months.  For over 10 years, SuzyKnew! has brought you unique content on sexual and reproductive health developed specifically for women of color.  Unfortunately, we had staff fall ill and I lost my mother. This made it difficult to publish regularly. We look forward to bringing you new material and new contributers in 2024.

Happy New Year!