The “Shock And Awe” Of Fani Willis

Yes, Ladies. The “shock and awe” of Fani Willis.

President Bush showed Saddam Hussein shock and awe when American forces invaded Bagdad, Iraq in 2003.

And, as a MSNBC commentator told it, Fani Willis showed Trump and his allies shock and awe when she laid out her 19 indictments against Trump and his 18 criminal enterprise defendants. It wasn’t a Jack Smith precision strike against Trump, it was carpet bombing the MAGA enterprise. Willis explained to the American people how all of Trump’s shenanigans from his call to the Georgia Secretary of State to find him 11,780 votes to overturn Biden’s victory to setting up fake electors in a handful of swing states, tampering with voting boxes, witness harassment, and more.

The Sista’ gave us a “one-two” punch. It was so refreshing to hear someone put it all out there, as no ones else really has. The other 3 indictments are against Trump alone. So, it’s hard to understand the full story and everyone who’s involved when there’s an indictment for mishandling classified documents here, an indictment for falsifying business documents there, and of course Jack’s indictment against Trump for election interference and January 6th. Finally, a Sista’ comes along and lays it all out for you at once.

Not only is Ms. Willis the first prosecutor to highlight the criminal enterprise behind Trump’s treasonous actions and the people associated with it, she is the first to shine a light on the path forward for other states. By referencing how the Trump organization recruited fake electors in states such as New Mexico, Arizona, Michigan and more in addition to Georgia, Willis’ case could help these states bring charges as well. Yes, Fani is the Sojourner Truth of indictments. Amen.

The Fulton County DA is a divorced mother of two girls now in their twenties and has a net worth of around $5 million. At 52, Fani has a successful law career that is paying her close to $1 million a year and a strong relationship with her daughters and ex-husband.

The trial Fani says she will bring in 6 months will be the trial of the year watched all over the year. And, SuzyKnew! will continue to watch Fani!

If you missed the live video yesterday, here it is: